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I have a series of books with Graffeg Publishers. The books feature the creatures from the shed. They contain a story full of gentleness and kindness in life where they help each other out. In each story something is made. At the end of the story the creatures give you instructions on how to make your own version too. They feature traditional crafts that children used to do but are now being forgotten by the generations. Children love to make, as do adults. Whilst primarily sold as children's books, the themes are universal and have some deeper undercurrents that would inspire interesting discussion for older children and I hope be enjoyed by adults too. Perfect for reading as a bed time story and for sharing. 


 You can request a signed copy if you wish  and there is space for you to request a dedication too. I also have kits available to buy with the books if you want to give a present where you can get going straight away! 

You can get the books direct from me here, or from your local bookshop (preferably as I like to support local bookshops) or those big online type places if you must.  

Details of book events at the bottom of the page




I have started doing a few school and festival events reading my books and doing the crafts from them with the children.

If you would like me to do a school visit or event please contact me. I have DBS and was an outstanding teacher before becoming an author, teaching teenagers crafts,  chemistry, history of art and ancient history! I can also work with older pupils on felting, art portfolios, stop motion animation, general discussions on who you might want to be in life, being an author, artist etc as well as the books and crafts with younger children.

Email for event enquiries and prices or check out the Me page for more info.

Roch School visit 

Reading in the Garden Library at Hellens Garden Festival 

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