A Lifetime of Love

How do you express a lifetime of love to someone? How do you find a present that shows half a century of shared life and love?

The next in the commission case study is a bit of a cheat because I am sharing one of mine that I made. Mostly because I can share more personal things on here more than someone who commissioned me might.

We don't always send presents, stuff for the sake of stuff. We swap books and she helps me out along the way, but I don't usually send a birthday present. But this one needed to be marked. I thought and wondered what to give and then I had a plan.

In the summer, while there with her, each day I collected a little something. A leaf, a shell, a piece of heather... I kept them safe and then when I got back I cast them in copper.

I made her a nature boat, one to hang where it could see the sea, my beloved view with my beloved people. I then attached all the charms I had cast to the boat and sat down the write a scroll to sit inside the boat.

Here is what I wrote:

It was a little late in arriving but when it did, I made her cry. Happy Birthday Mangi x

Although it is work, and of course I want to sell things, I also wanted to show you what you could do as a present for someone. A way of showing your love because sometimes it is hard to know how to show your love with a gift.

You can collect things and post them to me and I will cast them and put them on the copper boat for you. Or you can ask me to cast things for you if you can't go out. I'll do my best to find what you need.

So, if you are wondering how to show someone what they mean to you, how to explain a shared love... perhaps this is a way.

You can buy a tiny wish boat or an off the peg boat on my website with 3 charms here or you can commission me to make you one with as many charms as you need to tell your story. Because I'm not writing that bit for you!

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