Bert at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

We had been invited to do an event at the bug farm In St David’s,Pembrokeshire

We all piled in the car and drove across Wales. Panda always insists we stop and look at the sea on the way. I’m glad he does. Bit too chilly for a swim today and I’d forgotten my towel so on we go after we sneaked a beautiful stone for the pond in his hat.

We arrived and Bert was super excited to see posters and piles of books!

Super yummy lunch in the big kitchen and then time to set up...

All set and ready to go. People arrived, both old and young and my friend Jen and her family too. I talked a little and read the book and Sarah Beynon gave a talk about the bugs in the book and then we all went off to make bug houses and say hi to some new friends. (Bit tricky these days to get photos of children with permissions and stuff so here’s just some big hands!)

Bert made friends with a green bean stick insect caked Jessica and I made friends with Steve the stick insect. Bert had a big cuddle!

I learned so much about the bugs that I didn’t already know such as ladybirds have yellow knee blood that they bleed when scared. Tastes horrid apparently. I thought it was poo!

Bert loves his new friends and went to have a look for some more In the zoo.

Erm Bert, I’m not sure you are meant to go in the tanks with them!!

Can you find the stick insect in the last pic?

Thanks to the bug farm for such a fab time. There are signed books in the shop if you are in the area and do go and say hi to Steve and Jessica and their friends, oh and the people too.

Do go and visit, it’s an amazing place, and the food is amazing too in the grub kitchen. They have bugs to eat and non bug food too... and on a nice day there are lots of beautiful meadows and outdoor habitats to walk round.

Bert’s Garden features a page about bug houses and how to build them by Dr Sarah Beynon who is in the pic with me below... Available in bookshops, the bug farm and my website.

And go and visit the bug farm!

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