Cooking with Weasels

This week we are home alone and the weasels got to come in the house and in the kitchen!

Can we do cooking like the weasels in the book Daddy?

Yes lets. What shall we cook?

I think we should ask the all the bears in the wide wild world wot live with Jackie. They has books of puddings and cooking. They asked Jackie to ask the bears and the thought for a while.

All the bears looked in the book called Flavours of Wales by Gilli Davies done by those luvverly people at Graffeg and found Monmouth Pudding. Perfect for Monmouth living weasels they said.

We is cooking weasels. We is in the kitchen cooking.

Emily read them the recipe and the weasels started to cook.

It is really heavy Daddy!

Push Baby Weasus! Roll it up the grater!

I think that lemon stinks but it looks pretty in the milk. Careful you don't fall in now.

I can see the sugar going in! I can I can! More More!

Baby Weasus careful now. I don't think you are meant to sit in the butter dish! You'll get a buttery bottom!

I likes making breadcrumbs daddy. Its very fun.

Keep pulling. And then we'll jump on the bits.

We is cooking weasels stirring in the bread crumbs.

Emily says we need 3 egg yolks. How do you get the yolk on it's own?

I know Daddy! Throw the egg at me and smash it and I'll catch the yellow bit!

Hurrah! It worked. Um shall we not tell her about the 11 eggs on the floor?

Yes best not...

Baby Weasus don't sit in the bowl, the pudding is coming in it!

I can swim daddy!

No, best jump out the way.

Phew, this is hard work. Choklit break time.

What's next Emily?

Put on the jam and make the meringue.

Baby Weasus!!! You can't eat it yet!

This whisking eggs is hard work. I'm going to need another choklit break.

Oh oh look! Clouds! Can I jump on them? Can I?

Right, then choklit break again...

Shove it all in daddy I likes jam I does! Now we put the clouds on too!

I like the clouds bestest. In the oven now...

Choklit break. looks pretty tidy eh Baby Weasus? She'll hardly know we've been here.

Right then, we need to pose for a finished photo...... erm EEEEEK! Baby Weasus!!!!!!! You can't eat the pudding! We have to take a photo and show them wot it looked like and ta dah and to give to her not having eaten half of it!!!

But it is sooooooo yummy daddy. I couldn't help it.

Wot shall we do?

I have an idea... Leave it with me daddy.

Ta Dah! Monmouth Pudding Hedgehog all speshul on a plate. You might think it looks small but its not really. We is small and it is big and we are far away. Honest.

Thank you All the bears in the wild wide world and Jackie and Graffeg and Gilli for giving us a yummy pudding for tea.

#pudding #weasels #cooking

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