Updated: Feb 2

It is Imbolc on Saturday, Candlemas on Sunday.

The half way point between the Winter Solstice andthe Spring Equinox and it is the beginning of Spring.

The Lightbringers are walking and walking towards the Spring and the Moon Hare. They are encouraged by the Imbolc Badger on their journey, steadfast in their task.

The light is returning.

Snowdrops are appearing in the gardens and churchyards, a symbol of Imbolc, of hope, of the coming of new growth, that Spring will return.

It is a time to light candles, let go of the past and look to the future, make wishes and plant seeds. I always light a candle and place it in the earth in the garden at Candlemas. Giving a little warmth and light to her, to remind her the Lightbringers are on their way, to start to waken up just a little. A wish spoken quietly to myself.

If you have a nature boat, or corner, some of the symbols for this time you may want to add to your boat are:

swans feathers, willow, blackberry, rowan and of course snow drops.

It is also the time linked to Brigid. I don't know much about her (I shall find out) but I know she is linked to healing, poetry, smithcraft, fire, sun and hearth and fertility.

All in all, a good time to have a spring clean and to make a wish.

My Winter Collection has made way for Imbolc, and I have added a few new items to the Imbolc collection, and rested a few wintery ones. It is also coming up to Valentines Day too. I have some heart shaped choklits ready to add to orders. A wish boat with a little handwritten message in from yourself would be a rather lovely expression of love I think.

Time to look forward now towards light and spring.

There are moon boats, wish boats to help you make wishes and copper snow drops to wear or to dangle on your boat, or just put on your table to remind you that the light will return. Do take a look.

Here's to the light returning


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