Make a Wish

At the turn of the year and the approach of the Winter Wolf Moon, the woodlands gently light the way for wish boats to appear.

Fairy mice welcome the boats into place so they may gather the wishes of those who enter the enchanted forest with their wishes. 

Those of kind and strong hearts write their wishes on small pieces of paper and tuck them in the Wish boats. There they sail in the Lake of Dreams and sometimes, just sometimes, perhaps once in a blue moon, perhaps once in a thousand lifetimes, they come true. 

Wish Wisely.

Wish Quietly

Wish with a Kind Heart

If you would like your own little wish boat they are available here

A small copper wishing moon boat approx 5-7cm long. Write your new year wishes, dreams or longings and tuck them in the boat.  The boats are hand beaten pure copper. They can be strung on copper wire to hang up or you can have it with no wire so can tuck your boat in a secret place to hold your secret wishes dear. Made to order, they may take a week or so make, message me if you need them for a particular date. 

They come wrapped in the bluest darkest night sky tissue paper, in a gift box with a tiny piece of paper to write your wish on.

If you want to send one as a gift, let me know in the box their name and a short message if you want and I will add a card explaining the wishing boat.

Wish wisely my dears.

I hope the coming year will bring you love, courage, laughter, some utter joys and a hand to hold for the tough times.

With love from us all the little Shed in Wales


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©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

United Kingdom