Making a Shooting Star

Hello! Baby Weasus here. Now it is sunny and warm it is fun to go out to the park and play. Small and I like to throw our shooting stars in the park and see how far we can make them fly.

We are going to show you how to make your own.

This is what you need:

Some felt. You can use the same colour or two different colours if you want We used two colours.

About 10cm square is a good size.

Some ribbons to trail out the back

Something to stuff it with. Rice or lentils are best for playing catch with or wool or scraps from your sewing if you don't have rice.

Needle and Sewing thread to sew up the felt. We are using embroidery thread.

Scissors to cut your felt and thread.

First you need to cut the felt into two circles the same size. About 8cm radius but doesn't really matter. You can make big ones and small ones. We drew round the bottom of Emily's tea cup for the circle.

Start to sew up the circles together round the edge. We are using blanket stitch but can just oversew or do it on the machine if you have one. We like to use a different colour thread so it looks nice. If you are using rice to stuff it with, you need to sew very close together so it doesn't fall out. If you are just learning to sew, you might want to use wool or scrunched up paper or something instead.

When you get about half way round, you need to tuck in your ribbons that are going to trail out the back of your shooting star so you can sew them in. We've put in four pieces of the same ribbon we had left from a present but you can use different coloured ribbons or some ebroidery thread if you want.

Sew through the ribbons to hold them in place and then carry on sewing round your circle. Stop when there is a small gap left so you can stuff it.

Small is stuffing ours with some left over wool as we didn't have any rice (we only eat choklit!)

Once you have stuffed it, sew the rest of it up. You can either cut the thread off or you can keep it on to hold the shooting star when you throw it. This makes it go really far if you do that.

Ta Dah!

You can experiment and make star shaped ones if you are good at sewing, or any shape you like.

Now you are ready to play. They look like shooting stars or comets when you throw them. Just be careful you don't do it inside and break things!

Send Graffeg your pictures if you make one and let us know how far you made it fly.

Here is a film of me and Small throwing ours.

Have fun!

Love from Baby Weasus and Small

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