Making paper chain creatures

It is a bit cold and wet out there so we thought we'd show you something fun to do inside. You need some paper, a pencil and some scissors.

Get a piece of paper, we used photocopier paper and cut it in half longways to get two long strips but you can do it any size you want.

Start at one end and fold over a strip. It needs to be as wide as the picture you want to draw on it.

Crease it down and then flip the piece of paper over so the fold is touching the table

Now fold the paper again the same size as before taking the other fold over too. This is called a concertina fold as looks like a concertina when finished. Keep flipping and folding along the length of the paper.

You should finish with a piece of folded paper like this. If you have a bit sticking out that doesn't quite reach the edge, cut it off.

Now you need to draw your picture on the folded paper.

I'm doing a dancing weasel. Small says he wants to do Panda.

When you draw your picture, you must make sure that there are bits at the edges that join up. This is what holds the chain together. The weasel joins up at the paws and tail. I also put a base on this one to help it stand up. It can be good to draw a practice one first.

Now you get your scissors and cut the shape out. Make sure you DO NOT cut where the picture joins up at the edges or it won't work.

Once you have cut it out, being careful not to cut the bits at the edges, you can open it out.

Carefully pull out the ends to get a whole line of dancing weasels!

Sometimes they make nice patterns where they join up. You can then colour them in if you want to, or draw on the face.

Small then did his Panda one to give to panda as a present.

I think Panda will like his paper chain when they've coloured it in!

~Good luck and do show Graffeg a picture of what you have made. You might win a badge.

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©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

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