Mother's Day

Soon it is mother's day and I was thinking about how we celebrate and if I had anything here that would be a good present for a mum type person.

Mother's come in all shapes sizes and genders. Some people are really lucky and they have a fabulous mother who is still around and loves them dearly. Others have dad mums and aunt mums and granny mums and friend mums. I have an auntmum and some friend mums. Mother's Day in my book, celebrates all good mums whether they are alive, dead, or a friend mum, or dog mum even. My wish is that we all have someone in our lives who is a mother figure. One who looks out for us and keeps us right. Reminds us to do the sensible thing and treats us too. Who basically loves us.

My real mum died a long time ago but I have an aunt mum who has taken over the role and I do love her so much. She is in Sweden so I don't see her much but we phone and sometimes write letters and such too. Baby Weasus has a daddy mummy and Bertram has Emily to pop round and see to help out Bert as a mum. I hope you have someone too. If you don't have anyone like that in your life, then perhaps you could become a mother type person to someone else. It works both ways.

I was thinking how for some of you, going out and visiting has become difficult and some homes are closed and some travel is restricted and there may be mums who can't get a visit on mother's day. So, I had a pick through my website and found a few little gifts that can be posted out to a mum. I can post direct to anywhere in the world, if you just fill in the shipping address on the website, it will in all its cleverness sort it for you. I am happy to include a card in with the order and will write a message in it from you if you let me know what to write. The card is a gift from me to help each other out in these difficult times. I will gift wrap them too, because I always do anyway.

There are mugs to be filled with chocolates or gin or whatever your mum prefers (weasel not included which is just as well if they are full of choklit)

Smalls with little hearts that can have the word mum stamped on, or blank.

If you are a bookworm, then a reading mouse to remind them of you could be the thing...

Acorns grow from mighty oaks. A reminder of you and your mum.

Note books for plotting and scheming

Lunulas are ancient symbols of protection. I have hand beaten and folded some copper and sterling silver ones. Perfect for hanging in the house or on a chain to wear...

Here's for mums in all shapes and sizes and species and genders, love to you all.

Keep safe and if you have a choice where you buy things from, please remember the small businesses, artists, sole traders, who are struggling in these uncertain times.


Love from the Shed

Karin xx

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©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

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