New Light for the Lightbringers

I have been pondering for years now, a way of improving the lIght bringer lanterns, so they don't have to use disposable balloon lights. Such a waste and they don't last long, and I wanted them to be able to be lit every evening in the Winter. To hold the light dear for you.

It also was tricky to grow (or beg off friends) seed heads large enough to fit the lights and then a delicate procedure of carving open the seed heads and felting over them. So many broke. I also lost the intricate design of it in its natural form.

I have been working with a lady who makes miniature lights. She has been designing a set up for me that works absolutely perfectly I think. The lights are small enough to be inserted in to the seed head without the need for carving wide holes in it. It has a small thin trailing white wire which I think can be hidden fairly easily behind the animal and then you can either have a battery pack with an on off switch that takes 2 x AAA batteries or a plug in adapter.

The batteries should last several weeks and have the ease of allowing the creature to be placed wherever you wish, or if you want a more permanent arrangement, you can have a plug in adapter. It has a little connector as it is something to do with the light only being 5V and the magic electric in the walls being a lot more. Not so neat, but again, easy to hide away I think. I can also experiment with other seed heads now too.

I'm really really happy about this and look at the beautiful detail picked out in the seed head by the light. They are LED, so they don't get hot, so will be safe for prolonged use, but I would recommend you don't leave them on unattended just to be on the safe side.

The bulbs last for years and years, but as happens, if the bulb needs replacing, contact me and I'll arrange a replacement for you at cost price. They are all checked before they are sent out and I check again when I send out, but any problems, let me know.

There are restrictions sending out batteries in the post and I can't do it abroad so they won't be included. If you are in the UK and struggle to get to the shops to get them, let me know and I'll send them out wrapped separate in a restricted item parcel. The battery pack ones are £10, plug in adapter £15.

For those of you who already have a Lightbringer animal and would like to replace your current lantern with one of the new ones, email or message me preferably with a photo of your animal with its lantern so I see the style (and proof you have one) with which lantern you would like (battery or plug in) and I will do you a custom order for a 20% discount.

They won't be for sale without the animal as they are lightbringer lanterns for lightbringers only and they are my design and I don't want others buying them to use on their own work. I hope you understand.

If a lot of you all want them at once, there may be a little wait as I have to get her to make them up for me and I only have 10 here to start with and one plug.

Thank you.

I'll update the photos on the website to match the animal as I make one of each, but as people have been asking about getting one and new Lightbringer orders come in, I thought I'd do a blog and put them for sale now.

Here's to the returning of the Light

Thank you to big Badger who isn't really meant to be seen yet as he's not quite finished, for modelling the lights.


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