Pinwheel Windmills for Spring

Hello! Baby Weasus here! Me and Small decided to make some pinwheels for the sunny windy weather we are getting in Spring.

You will need a square piece of paper, a pin, a bead and a stick. Our piece was 10cm square but we are small so you could do bigger. We are using thin card which is a bit stronger.

Fold your paper in half and mark a crease and then fold in half again.

Now open up your paper and you should have four squares marked by the creases. You can decorate these by colouring them in or sticking on shiny paper or sequins.

Small drew blue flowers and butterflies on his two squares and I drew whizzy red patterns in mine.

Now you need to get some scissors and cut along the diagonals to nearly the middle but not quite. Leave a centimetre uncut. Cut all four diagonals the same making sure you leave a space uncut in the middle.

Now you can start folding. Fold one of the triangle shapes into the middle like Small is doing. You need to hold it in place while you do the others which is a bit fiddly so it can be helpful to have a friend to help.

One more to go! Fold every second triangle over into the middle so 4 of them are curled in and four are sticking up flat.

Push a map pin or one with a head in it through the middle of the pinwheel making sure you pin through each piece of paper. Careful to keep your fingers out of the way!

Once poked through, to help it spin better, thread a little bead onto the pin on the back. You can manage without one if you don't have a bead.

Carefully push the pin into the stick. You might need someone to help you do this or poke a hole first if it is a thin pin and hard wood.

Ta Dah! We planted outs in a flower pot.

Blow on it and it should spin! Have fun. Make a whole garden of them with different patterns. Give one to your friends. MYou can use drinking straws to pin them to if you don't have sticks, just be careful of the pin sticking out at the back. Put a piece of eraser rubber over it if you do.

Send pictures of the pinwheels you make to our Tribe page on Graffeg's website

Happy Making, love from Baby Weasus and Small.

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