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Updated: Mar 24

I have had a few customers express concern for either my safety of sending items or their safety receiving items in the post, so we thought we'd write a little blog from the Shed with advice.

For artists and craftspeople authors etc, these are worrying times and we need to make work and post it out in order to make a living. We don't have employers or sick pay and a lot of events and shows are being cancelled so it is doubly important that we can sell online. We need to continue to do what we do and we thank you so much for your support in these tricky times.

To reassure and keep you safe here's our advice:

*I will only make and send items while I am fit and healthy. No one comes in the Shed or touches my materials except for me (one advantage to being a big time introvert in a rural area!)

*The information we have received is that the virus stays active for 24hrs on cardboard and 3 days on hard surfaces. Any new supplies arriving will be left for the appropriate time in the garage until safe to handle, hand washing after handling.

I wash my hands when I arrive in the shed and before making anything.

Creatures are given extra travelling choklit before they are packed up and we are doing waving off instead of goodbye kisses.

Accept your parcel from the Post Hare, or whatever species your local postie is.

Do not snog the postie in delight! A polite squeal of thanks will suffice. Put the parcel in a safe place.

Wash your hands/paws/hooves

Sit and wait for 24 hours for cardboard, 3 days for hard materials. (I only use cardboard or plastic mailers for international posts so maybe they can be washed)

Read stories to it.

Do not be tempted to sneak a peek or a scoff of the travelling choklit.

Maybe make a gift for it.

Tell it a story

After 24 hours, your parcel will be safe to open. Give your new arrival a big hug.

Please support all your favourite artists, makers, musicians, authors where you can. Keep safe, be sensible, well actually be silly but be sensible where your health is concerned.

Love and thanks from me

Karin Celestine

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