Seal Song

My friend Jackie Morris was celebrating the launch of her new book the Wild Swans this weekend. Come to the launch she said. Stay the night and we can go and see the seals the next morning before you come home.

And that is what we did. The launch was lovely and relaxed and people brought their knitting and you can read about it here by the lady herself.

In the morning we set off to see if we could find the seal pups.

Tiger led the way to see if he could see. This way or that way?

On the way, Baby Weasus had a little sit down pretending she was in Alice in Wonderland. But couldn't see them.

Little P said he'd seen them before and pointed toward the sea where Jackie was taking photos

We walked to the cliff edge. The flowers and rocks and lichen were so beautiful

Tiger pretended he was in the jungle... rrrah!

Mary and Emily sat down to look. "That's not a seal! That's the White Cat!!"

And then I heard a sound. A sound like whales. A sound echoing round the cliffs and bay and my heart and breathing stopped for a moment and oh... I can't find words to describe the wonder at hearing a seal song for the first time. I was in love. Entranced. I would have jumped in to the sea and lived with them like a selkie woman for the rest of my life in an instant if they had called....

And then the lure of the sound led us to look down and what at first in the distance appeared like rocks, slowly transformed one by one into seals and pups.

I think I could have sat there all day. And the next and the next but it was time to go home.

Baby Weasus found some blackberries and thought they should pick them for Tiger becasue he likes blackberries

But someone else called Jackie also seems to like blackberries too. I blame the ears.... And can I point out that she has a long dress and pearls on along with her wolf ears. Quite the outfit for seal pup watching... ( Ivy the Grey dog and the White Cat came for the walk too)

On the way home we stopped at the ruins of the houses where Jackie's Seal Children is set. Magical place. So full of stories. I would like to build it again and live there. Waking to the sound of the sea.

And then to look at Glyn's house. All painted and bright in the sunshine. King Norty thought he should like it as his castle.

I tried to catch the song on film. I only got a second of it along with the White cat's miaows. Listen carefully...

and then a minute of the pup learning to swim....

And guess what I want to make next........?

#seal #pembrokeshire #Wales

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