The Lightbringers Book

A few years ago I was very busy making for an exhibition. The title was called Glow and I was a bit stumped what to make for it, but then I had an idea of small creatures with lanterns. As I made them, something started swirling round in my head that had to come out. I stopped what I was doing and wrote it in one sitting.

It was the Lightbringers story. A small story of hope, seasons, the earth cycles and how it just keeps going on, and the light always return even when we think it won't. I cried when I read it out loud for the first time. It seemed too personal, too much part of me to share and it was a bit different to the other stories I'd written. I felt unsure about it. I put it up as a blog and it seemed to speak to people. They seemed to see that soul feeling I had too somehow. That sharing of nature, seasons and hope. That need to know that in the darkness the light will return.

So it became a story card. A few photos and the blog post in a card, to send to people who might need a reminder of hope. I also made the lightbringer animals and they continue to bring their little lanterns to homes all over the world. I do love them.

I thought about it being a book, but it isn't easy to just say oh I want to publish this. You need publishers and they need to want the book and the time just wasn't right for it and well, there it sat.

Last year the lovely Graffeg talked to me about what next? I have a book in my head waiting waiting to come out, it is I guess part of a series of four books, of which the Lightbringers would be one. Linked to folklore and seasons. The Lightbringers being Winter of course. We talked and agreed to publish the Lightbringers. If it goes well, then maybe there can be more, but as it is loved already, I am delighted beyond delighted that it will be a book. So, it will be rewritten and new photos and characters to be included a bit longer than before and a few themes that need to be in there. It was originally written in a hurry as a blog post, not as a book, so it needs wording properly and thought and quiet as books do. I am making new Lightbringers for some new photos, though maybe the odd old one will sneak in too. We shall see.

Graffeg are the hares of the book world and they do things quickly, so it will be published this winter. Of course it should be published on the Winter Solstice, but that's not really possible for books, so it will be published on the 12th November and we shall have a nearly winter solstice launch and celebration.

Books will be available on my website for preorders in the autumn and they are aimed at adults as well as children, possibly more so for adults in some ways. I think they would make beautiful gifts for people, but for now, I just wanted to share the news and explain why the story card is now no longer for sale.

I hope you are as pleased as I am and as glad as Small that his wish came true.

Thanks to Graffeg for taking a leap of faith with this, I hope you prove them right.

Love from the Shed


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