Weaving onto sticks

Hello, Bertram here! Baby Weasus and Small brought me a forked stick back from their walk in the woods and I thought I would show you what you can do with it.

First you need a forked stick like this one. Don't snap sticks off trees, look for fallen ones. If you can't find one, you can tie two sticks together instead.

You will also need some knitting wool, embroidery thread or string or any yarn you have. I'm using knitting wool today.

First tie your yarn onto the stick.

Then you are going to start wrapping your yarn around the two sticks. It is best if you loop round the stick each time to keep it tight but you don't have to.

Do like I am doing in the picture round and round.

Once you get to the end of the sticks, tie a knot and cut the yarn off.

Choose some colours for your weaving. You can do all one colour or lots of different colours.

Start with your first colour and weave it under and over the top layer of the warp you made. Keep going under and over each thread till you get to the end.

When you get to the end of the threads, you turn around and go back. Do the opposite to the last time so if you went under, you now go over. Over under over under...

When you get to the end again, turn around and go under over under over. Just make sure you do the opposite to what you did the last time.

You can change colour any time you want. Either knot a new colour on, or start it at the beginning of a new row. Again, just make sure you go over where you went under and under where you went over.

Keep going till you get to the top. You might need to use a needle for the last few rows if it gets too small to get your paws or fingers through.

Ta Dah! Finished! Cut the threads off and you are finished! You can either weave the back as well or leave it blank.

Thank you Baby Weasus and Small for the stick!

You can send Graffeg pictures of what you make from the books, and they'll put your picture on the website and sometimes they send you a badge too.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy having a go.

Love Bertram

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