Wedding cranes

I am getting married to man I have loved and lived with for 27 years. His name is Perry and Finding your place is dedicated to him. We are getting married in June. It will be a smaller than a small thing wedding. We are getting married in a book shop and there will be about 9 of us there. Just my closest of close Tribe and not a huge fuss. No big dresses or cakes or top tables or dances or bands or any of that stuff which is lovely for those that like such things, but it is not for us. Just a ceremony we have written ourselves, a handfasting, tea and cake and then dinner in the pub. There will be tears and smiles I am sure. Lots of tears and smiles but no big hats. Just perfect.

I am aware though that there are many friends and other tribe members whom I love and who love me, and Perry and that they would like to be part of the wedding that is quieter than a quiet thing.

So, I have a plan. My wedding outfit (which is a secret till after the wedding) features a crane on it and when I told a friend, she said oh how perfect. They are the perfect symbol for a wedding. And that gave me an idea.

Our wedding is about love of course, but a wider love than two people falling in love. We have lived together for 27 years, had a son, been through some terrible times together, some wonderful times together and for a time thought that I wouldn't be here now. We are celebrating love and family and life in all its bumps and ups and downs. I would like others to be able to join in with this celebration of life and love with us, and for a way for people to send good wishes. We have what we need. We have a toaster and a kettle and two pennies. One for a loaf and one for a rose. We don't have a wedding list or such like but we do welcome your love and good wishes. I also hope those good wishes will work wider out into the world than just our little wedding in a bookshop.

The bookshop loft space needs decorating for the wedding. I'd like some flowers of course but I had an idea of making origami cranes to hang on strings to decorate the place.

So, I have an invitation to a task. If you would like to be a small part of our wedding and send some good wishes, I invite you to make an origami crane. Please just use a piece of normal origami paper or similar and fold a crane. It isn't a competition or anything to do with how artistic you are or how fabulous you can make it. You don't need to be artistic, just to be able to follow instructions. It isn't the easiest of things I know and it might be beyond some of you, and it won't be perfect, but that is life and love too. You can't always do everything right the first time. It is called learning. With a few attempts I think anyone can do it, and I"m not looking for perfection in them, just a wish of love. If it is a bit wonky then that is fine. I can't get the beak unwonky but I don't mind. It is a wish of love coming to us for our wedding day. If you don't want to do it or feel it is too much to attempt, then that is fine too. It is an invitation not a request.

I really do just want normal origami or patterned paper. No hand painted guilded on bees wings hand made giant cranes on wheels or whatever. Just a normal small one. My paper is about 15cm square. Doesn't matter if a bit bigger or smaller but not too different from that please. The act of trying to do something you find a little bit hard is an act of love in itself. It is a little symbol of love and marriage and a life together. It isn't always perfect, sometimes it is a little bit hard, but there is love and that sees you through the tough bits. So, if you feel so moved, have a go. If it goes a bit wrong, have another go but don't get stressed.

I will string them up onto threads and decorate the room with them. It is said if you make 1000 cranes you get a wish come true, so once you have made ours, you might like to carry on. I was going to write instructions but it is a bit complicated and would take a long time.

I have a book I follow but I'm not sure about copyright rules of putting those ones here, so if you don't know how to make one, I suggest you google origami paper crane instructions. There are lots out there for free. Some are easier to follow than others, so if it doesn't make sense, try another one. There is a tricky fold that didn't make sense to me till I read a different set of instructions and then it did, but as I said, it is learning and trying and that is a good thing. Here are one set online that seem to make sense to me. If you click on the image it will take you to the page.

If you make a crane, then please send it to the bookshop.

Karin Celestine

C/o Book-ish bookshop

18 The High Street





Turn left at the moon (as my brother used to write)

We will need them by the 1st June to allow time for collecting and stringing them together etc. We can't promise to reply personally to letters or notes and won't be able to remember whose is whose once strung up but I will take some pictures of them and I promise despite being a hidey private person to post some pics of the wedding... and we will feel surrounded with love.

Thank you

Love Karin and Perry xxx

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