Cats are the hardest creatures in the whole wide world to make. Especially if it is a cat that looks like your cat or one you love. Most felt makers refuse I discovered after I said yes to someone and then spent weeks trying to make one!! Cats take many days solid work to do so they cost a lot of money. Generic 'can I have a black cat' type cats are £240. If its a copy of a cat with photos and you want it to look like that particular cat, then they are £370 as trying to get a cat to look actually like a particular cat takes days and days and days of work.... I did consider not doing cats any more as I don't feel I can actually charge the amount it takes me to make them, but this is some way to helping buy my cats their food... and I love it when I get it right and I do rather love making them. So, a special thing. If you would like the portrait cat, then click the option for that and it will add on the extra money. I will also need you to send me photos of the cat from all sides so I know how it looks.

Cats Beautifully purry cats.

Cat portrait?
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