A kit to go with the first 3 books
A stamped cotton drawstring bag 19cm long containing:
4 weaving sticks
Wool for weaving
Yellow thread for the bees
Piece of beautiful origami paper for paper boats
Plastic wire loop for helping thread the sticks if needed
(Does not include instructions- those are in the books, or alder cones, sewing thread or tissue paper -small amount of paper and thread and an alder cone needed for bees)

Kit to go with books 1-3

  • Everything in the books is designed to be made easily and cheaply and alternatives suggested. Part of the joy is the going out and looking for cones etc but a kit of the essentials that are not so simple and quick to make would make a lovely gift along with the books and the bag can be reused and a lovely way to carry your weaving sticks when travelling etc.
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©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

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