As children we have nature tables but this stops as we grow. I think we need them too, so I had an idea to do big boats like this one, with a chain  so you can attach different symbols as the year turns. You would buy a boat just once perhaps with a choice of symbols to arrive with and then you can change the dangling symbols as the year turns. They have split rings on them so they can be moved on and off. I intend to cast finds during the course of the year, something for each moon or season. I also intend to sculpt a few too. You can collect the individual symbols that speak to you, or you can attach shells or feathers or hag stones, your own beautiful treasure you find and on your walks and travels or just in your garden. You can also place precious finds in the boat as it sails through the year. A bit like a nature table for grown ups. The dangling charms can also be worn as pendants or clipped on to a bag as a talisman or kept in a beautiful box like our treasured Christmas decorations, to come out and shine at their time of year.
The act of walking and noticing the small changes in the landscape around you, even in waste ground there is beauty with 'weeds' and fallen feathers and such, is healing and calming I find. It helps me notice the seasons turning and really live in the natural world rather than blindly wandering on the edge.
You have a choice of a 20cm boat with 3 dangling charm  treasures, or a boat with 
The boat comes with a copper wire to hang it up in a window or above your bed, or a special corner.
Your boat is hand folded and beaten into shape by me from a single sheet of copper. It takes time to beat and fire and then polish and each one is unique with the hammer marks. If you look closely you will find a triple moon hammered into it to mark the phases of the month and year. Choose your 3 charms from the list, or you can contact me about custom making some for you if you have a particular significance. I will be adding more each month as I collect what I find and I hope to make some small sculptures of symbols too. I will be making small needle felted animals to sit in the boats or alongside them linked to the seasons and each full moon, there will be a post on social media for you to share your boats and what they have in and on them with each other.
The boat comes with 3  charms to start you off and then you can collect others over the course of the year or you can add your own. Or you can choose a boat with 7 charms 
Charm options: choose 3 or 7 from:
Poppy seedhead,  birch leaf, ivy leaf, oak leaf, moon, 3 stars, wheat seeds, barley seeds, grass seeds, sycamore seed, small pine cone, acorn, sea shells and bramble, snowdrop.
They are made to order and take a while to hammer into shape and the charms take a few days each to make so there may be a week or three's wait for them. Let me know if you need it for a particular date and I'll do my best.
I can also do the charms in silver, contact me if you’d like a silver one, they cost a little more due to the cost of the silver but look beautiful.

Nature Boat Large

3 or 7 charms
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