There are many who feel without hope, who feel despair who feel helpless and don't know what to do. I was feeling the same and I sat down to make something and the smallalope smallahope appeared from the Northlands with their tiny budding copper antlers. 

Made of beautiful wintery snowy  Merino wool and hand cast copper budding antlers, they bring a hug and gentleness of a small but with little horns for when a bit of protection and fierceness and hope is needed. To help you to stand like a mountain when your knees are wobbling. Small enough to fit in a hand approx 7cm tall. 

 £10 from every sale will go straight to The Biscuit Fund, a charity who helps those in need with food, clothing, fuel, homeless etc.  Basically, my profits but I need to do something to help and all I can do is make, so make I will.  I'll post on social media every so often where the money has gone and how much (assuming people buy them) Over the year, I will make more creatures and copper beauties to offer help and kindness to others too because we have to be kind and look after each other. 

These will be made to order and in the evenings on top of my usual work. It also takes a while to make the copper antlers,  so they will take a couple of weeks or four to make so please be patient or let me know if you'd like it for a particular date and I'll do my best to squeeze one in. 

I hope this is a way that those can afford one can help when we are feeling helpless  while having a bit of beauty and cuddles and hope too.  

Smallalope Smallahope

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    ©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

    United Kingdom