the time of the harvest and the equinox is the time of the Stag. Here he stands holding the old and gone and the new and yet to come. The balance between day and night, warmth and cold, gratitude for abundance and knowing of the cold to come. He carries an old poly seed head on one antler, spent from being a lantern for the light of summer, the old, grief. On the other antler he carries a new fresh green acorn. Fresh from the tree, full of life and promise for great things to come, hope and courage. He comes standing in his wooden box, with his mushroom and charms. The box is roughly A5 size. It has hooks to hang it up on the wall, or you can stand it on a shelf. The charms can be worn yourself if you so wish or kept as a reminder of the balance of all things. One of a kind special beauty. 

The Harvest moon Stag

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    ©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

    United Kingdom