The light is returning to the earth. At the time of Imbolc or Candlemas, the light is quickening, half way between the Solstice and Spring. The Imbolc badger walks the earth to encourage the small Lightbringers in their task. He bears two pure silver wishing moons, and copper symbols of the past and what is to come. He carries his own lantern, helping to bring light, hope and wishes to us all. 

This is a very special large one off piece. The badger is needle felted over a wire armature. He stands at about 23cm tall, his staff a little taller still. He has individual wired claws so he can move and hold objects. He stands with a cloak fastened with a sterling silver hand beaten wish moon. He wears a belt that has 5 copper charms dangling from it. They are an oak leaf, acorn, a swan feather (symbol of Imbolc) a fir cone and grass seeds. Time to plant seeds, holders of new beginnings, hope and life. 

He has a wooden staff which holds another hand beaten and shaped sterling silver wishing moon. He says you may borrow this one to wear yourself or you can wish upon it and he will keep your wishes safe. 

He bears firey copper antlers, to remind us of fire and life and the candles and flames that are lit at this time. He also carries some feathers to help our wishes fly free. 

In his other hand he bears a poppy seed head lantern, that has a wire and battery pack hidden behind him so he can light up the darkness when needed. 

A substantial piece and one of a kind. I will post him special delivery to you, just choose normal post. 

I can offer a payment plan if you need to pay in two or three installments, contact me for details. 

The Imbolc Badger

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