A beautiful silky raven perched on an enamelled toadstool. He may take a peck out of it... 

The raven is needle felted over a wire armature. Sheeps wool and a final top coat of pure silk fibres to gleam and glisten as a raven does. The mushroom is a hand enamelled copper top on a wood stalk and base. Unique one of a kind as no two are ever alike. 

Whilst the raven is balanced on their perch, they could be removed to fly off elsewhere if you wished. 

The Raven is approx 16cm long and the whole sculpture is approx 15cm high. 

They are made to order and will be similar to the one pictured but not exact as the toadstools have a mind of their own, and so do ravens. 

They can take a while  to make and depending on my list there can be a queue, so please expect to wait a few weeks. If you need it for a particular date, please let me know when ordering and I'll do my best. Thanks

The Raven

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    ©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

    United Kingdom