Are you weaselly confused? Are you weaselly stuck in a fit of indecision?
Can't decide if you should have 3 choklits or 4? Can't decide whether to scoff the whole packet of biscuits or not? Whether to nap or not? Read a book or scoff choklit or do both at once?
You decision making fears are over!
Introducing the Weaselator decision device. Two dice, each with 3 paw printson. Paw  for 'The Weasel says yes' and blank for 'The Weasel says no' 
Ask a question and let the weasel decide.
Two dice for complicated decisions (such as how many of biscuits before I move onto the choklits) in a box with instructions.
Perfect gift for the weaselly confused.

Weaselator decision device

£5.00 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price
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