I have written and illustrated a series of children's books featuring my felted characters, published by Graffeg.

Gentle stories of small acts of kindness with a craft activity in the back. Lovely books for bedtime stories, to share together or just snuggle up and read yourself. They are available in bookshops or you can buy a copy below, signed and dedicated by me. 

Our Children's Tribe Page is on Graffeg's website. There are activities and an opportunity to send in photos of what you have made from the books for the gallery and you might win a badge! 

Teacher notes for the books, reviews etc below the books for sale.

See Author Events page for  booking me for events and school visits / skype sessions

New Book! The Lightbringers coming November 2020 with Graffeg

Bertram likes to Sew teddy pattern can be downloaded and printed off for free here 
Helping Hedgehog Home

"Karin Celestine creates worlds full of curiosity, kindness and adventure that can happen in any back garden or window box. Her characters open our eyes to the small wonders around us, and open our hearts to the small creatures we share our lives with." Gill Lewis

"The latest in this series of quietly exquisite little books, continues with the theme of kindness and empathy. But there’s a good dose of science and invention too and the excellent take home message that ‘A Good Idea’, delivered at the right moment has the power to change lives. Satisfying storyline that the littlest children can follow and bigger ones enjoy, and illustrations with  a charm somewhere between ‘Flower Fairies’ and  ’Tales Of The RiverBank. Perfect Easter reading!" Nicola Davies

"...Adventurous, funny and clever, the clear and easy to read text make this book perfect for young readers and to share with the family or classroom. There is much room for both discussions about the natural world we share and for flights of the imagination. Each character has its' own unique personality, and as a community display a great gift for compassion and willingness to get along. They bring their own gifts to the situation and, because of that, the problem is easily solved. The illustrations are endlessly charming; made with felt creatures Celestine handcrafts herself, painstakingly places and photographs. The result is the creation of a marvellous, artistic, inventive and very real world...." Read the full blog post review by Fallen Star Stories here

Bert's Garden

"Celestine makes her animal characters and props, poses them in natural surroundings and photographs them as illustrations for her stories. This instantly gives her books an endearing touch of Tales of The Riverbank – for those of us old enough to remember the TV show -- but with very much her own twist and her own special take on nature. In BERT’S GARDEN, Bert, who is vole, “always makes sure there are extra wild strawberries for the circus mice who pass by in the summer.” In that one sentence and the accompanying picture, Celestine conjures up a whole world – a whole life – beyond the immediate story; the sign of a true storyteller. Bert’s story is a simple one, and he ends up making a bug house for some visitors to his garden. They return his kindness a thousand-fold. We are even given tips on making a bug house of our very own. But BERT’S GARDEN is about more than caring for our environment. It’s about caring for each other. And there’s no more important story than that. It is, quite simply, a delight."  

Philip Ardagh

"Karin Celestine’s world may be soft and woolly, but it has all the challenges of our own. In this gorgeously illustrated story, Bert is annoyed by newcomers, but they help in his beautiful garden. Celestine’s stories are heart-breakingly honest, and her heroes are vulnerable as well as strong. You will want to crawl right into her photographs to live.’

Mimi Thebo 

Bertram Likes to Sew

'I wish I had someone to read this to me when I was small as it would have made sense and make me feel great. A really delightful read.' - Mister Finch

'How I would have adored this book and all your work when I was little kid. It’s like a cross between the flower fairies books and tales of the river bank.
Not only charming and heartwarming but full of the compelling fascination of the tiny; minute tea cups and a world where blackberries are as big as your head.
I only wish these had been around when I was 6.'

Nicola Davies

'It’s so gentle, kind, deep, profound in such a light and accessible way. I think we all know as writers that the sparest of words are the hardest to find….but you have done it so beautifully. 

I especially love the bit about learning how to ask questions…made me smile. 

I think lots of littl’uns will find comfort knowing that you don’t have to like what everyone else is doing. 

I want to shrink and live in Bertram’s world.’

Gill Lewis 


 'Totally charming, thoughtful story’ Julia Green

"IReally love this quirky, gorgeous book. Gentle-but-firm story about determinedly being yourself. So beautiful you'll want to climb into the pages, and has a craft activity and natural history, too." Mimi Thebo

Teacher notes (work in progress) Click on the picture for pdf
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I have a series of books with Graffeg Publishers. The books feature the creatures from the shed. They contain a story full of gentleness and kindness in life where they help each other out. In each story something is made. At the end of the story the creatures give you instructions on how to make your own version too. They feature traditional crafts that children used to do but are now being forgotten by the generations. Children love to make, as do adults. Whilst primarily sold as children's books, the themes are universal and have some deeper undercurrents that would inspire interesting discussion for older children and I hope be enjoyed by adults too. Perfect for reading as a bed time story and for sharing. 


 You can request a signed copy if you wish  and there is space for you to request a dedication too. I also have kits available to buy with the books if you want to give a present where you can get going straight away! 

You can get the books direct from me here, or from your local bookshop (preferably as I like to support local bookshops) or those big online type places if you must.  You can find your local bookshop here 






If you haven’t yet found these beautiful little books, pick one up and have a look. We’ve never found a book so small that is so warm and so heartbreakingly profound. The creatures in this delightful little tribe have lives that revolve around the tiny pleasures that the world can offer – from having honey made by bees in the garden, to the joy of making a new friend and giving them the warm home that they need. With so many awful things in the world, and so much hate, these books are about the huge power of simple kindness. If the next generation grows up knowing these stories, then there is hope. But these are tales that we should all read – not just the children. These are stories about how it feels to be alone and displaced, what it means to be with friends who love you, the pleasure and pain of a beautiful memory, and the need for comfort after a facing a nightmare.  They are utterly beautiful little stories – and the creatures that Karin Celestine makes are brimming with character. They are definitely completely real. The Warwickshire Tribe (that you see here with their books in the window) have little choklit parties at night in the bookshop when we have gone home. But they always tidy up after themselves and leave a few biscuits for us too."       Kenilworth Books

"Karin Celestine’s wonderful, life-affirming books encourage us all to keep in touch with and to nurture the playfulness, exploration and hope of childhood. These are books that make the world a better place."

Wonderful Review from Playing by the Book

"The stories are funny, touching and really embody something fundamental about what it is to be a person; with a subtle but definite message of love, kindness, positivity, honesty and courage. And for fans of King Norty (which I think is probably everyone) he makes his first appearance in these stories, being absolutely the King Norty we know and love.." Review by Sara Barratt 

Featured in the Observer and Guardian online as the top picks for Christmas books! 



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