I accept commissions for creatures either real or imagined and for copper moon boats and pendants.
I can do an animal you love or have seen me make before such as a tapir or shrew, and I can also do pet portraits. The pendants are cast from seeds, leaves found in nature, I can work with you to make a pendant or add them to the boats from your own trees or plants that are significant to you. Contact me for details. 

Most creatures are made to order. My commission list varies in length so it is difficult to give a set time for making. Usually 1-4 weeks but best to ask me if in a hurry or for an anniversary etc. Some creatures are quicker to make than others. Smalls, mice and badgers for example may be able to be sneaked in over a day if you need an emergency badger for someone, whereas pet portraits take at least a week once I start making due to the time involved in getting them right.

Water voles and tigers take forever and ever to get those funny little faces and stripes just right. Prices reflect the time involved so you can get an idea from that. 

 Commissioning is not something only rich posh people do. Don't be scared to ask. It is like buying in a shop. You can buy creatures I make often for a set price, some as cheap as £10. 

Custom animals vary in cost from £50 - £800.  Usually about £90-250 for a generic custom animal such as 'can you make me a whale/armadillo/tapir" type thing, depending on complexity. If you have a budget, you can ask me what is possible for that amount.

 Portraits of pets etc as in 'can you do a copy of my dog please' cost a lot more as it takes a very long time to get the look just right so they tend to be £250-£450.  Sometimes a bit less or more. I am quite happy for you to ask and then say oh no, too much or no thanks. Really I am. I know how scary it is asking an artist to make something and then worrying that you have spent your children's inheritence or the cat food money and daren't say no because you can't say no to a cat can you? 

For pet portraits, I need good photos of the animal from the side and a close up of the face front on. The better the photos, the better the end result. I can't add that funny little white spot on its tummy if I don't know it is there. I will email you updates of work in progress and you can let me know if anything isn't quite right. I can't do a carbon copy of your pet but I can do a likeness that will hopefully make you smile. 

Scroll through the gallery below for examples. 

Copper/Silver Work I can make a cast of a leaf, seed, acorn etc that is significant to you. Perhaps you proposed to your wife under a beech tree. Imagine giving her a necklace of a beech leaf from that tree. Or an acorn from the tree your dad planted in the garden as a child. A shell from your honeymoon, or holiday together, perhaps a symbol of a name such as Ivy, or as a symbol of courage or hope. A natural memento of your special times together. I can discuss. 

 Pendants start at £32 for copper, £54 for silver. Depending on the size, detail, casting process the price will vary. I can attach to a brooch back, necklace, earrings or you can have it as a charm to add to a bracelet or a moon boat. I can also do bespoke moon boats with significant charms to you and your family. One for each child or such. Contact me to discuss your thoughts. 

  Commission Case Studies:
  Commissioning a needle-felted animal                
 Read about Maggie and Basil the Water Vole                          
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Commissioning a Copper Sculpture
How do you express a lifetime of love?
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