Celestiner Chokliteer Tribe Membership

New Tribe memberships are now closed for the new Tribe year which starts in July. I am going to be doing a new system where monthly payments are an option so need a gap while I do the switch over. If you'd like to join and can't wait till July, send me a message and we'll sort something out.

Click on the logo to enter the Tribe Members sekrit page

In order to fund the free stop motion films I make and the advent calendars and facebook posts and such like, I decided that rather than crowdfunding or charging for the films, to do a membership where you can support but also get something fun for your money too and a Tribe Membership with a badge and pledge and everything! How cool is that?

You can now  become an official member of the Most Marvellous Tribe of Celestiner Chokliteers!

It has run for 4 years now and seems to have blossomed into something more than just a badge. We have a secret group on facebook and people support each other, send courage and love, send presents and chat and friendships have been made. Tribe members have met up in real life at events and then made proper friendships that have continued. I am humbled by the kindness support, love and of course just plain giggly silliness that has blossomed. So, yes, get a badge and some choklit and a pledge and maybe a little creautre on your birhtday but also really become part of a Tribe. One who genuinely cares about you. You can join the group or not. Chat or not... all are welcome. 

Membership runs for one year from the month you sign up.

At the end of the year you will be sent a reminder that your membership is about to run out  and you can choose to continue with the same level or you can change the level if you wish. Or not renew. Completely up to you. There is a secret page on here for members which will have exclusive offers every so often and a facebook group that is secret so only the people in the group can find it and see what is said in there (cooer!) You'll get an invite and  the password for it when you take out membership. 

Each level will have the basic badge, membership card complete with pledge, access to the members page and for higher levels you can choose a gift. See the options on the photos below. 

All memberships can be sent to other people- just add a note with the delivery address -  Great birthday present! 

Click on the photos  to see what you get for your level and choose and order!  Hurrah! 

We have a new lovely choklit supplier this year. Handmade in Wales ethical, fairtrade and the dark choklit is all vegan too. Hurrah for The Little Welsh Chocolate Company

New gifts this year include exclusive King Norty Notebooks, cotton sew on patches  and a new range of creatures  for your birthday. 


Pay it Forward

We all experience kindness in our lives and we all give it too. I have a lot of tribe members buying membership renewals or small gifts for others that are struggling for whatever reason. I know others would like to donate towards one but can't manage the whole amount. Sometimes I get asked if I can send someone a gift too. I would love to have free memberships and send creatures to people who can't afford them, but this is how I make my living and I need to eat too, so I had an idea. If I had a separate donate 'pay it forward' button then people could add a little here and there when they felt like it, maybe an extra £1 when buying something and that money would be there to pay for memberships for those who can't afford it and would like to be part of the tribe, or maybe a treat of a small creature or a card to someone. People could ask to be on the list to receive a pay it forward gift or membership, or people could give me names to be on the list. It may be that there isn't anything in the fund or lots, I really don't know how it will be but it is worth trying and seeing I think. You won't know who it went to, because I don't want people to be publicly named but it is a little bit of the Live Norty pledge in action.  

I will let you know what the money went on if and when there is enough to go somewhere. Everyone who donates will get their name in a hat too and I'll do the odd random gift to you as a thank you from me xx

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©Karin Celestine  Monmouth, Wales

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